About The Brass

Welcome to The Brass, your local community coffee house!

Follow the rich aromas of freshly roasted coffee to our gleaming doors and strike up a conversation with our baristas – they are passionate about coffee but also passionate about our community. Here we are all Dubaians, with a space, a menu and coffee blends that are related to our very distinctive East meets West lives. Even our name is a celebration of East-West coffee culture – from the etched brass pots and trays of Arabian hospitality to the original brass roasters of classic European coffee houses.

Open from morning to night, we are here for you for your early morning coffee-on-the go - sunny, fresh and brimming with energy. Or step in for an afternoon break, a little work-away or some chit-chat with our team about what’s happening in the neighbourhood. As the sun drops low, its time for a mellow unwind and late evening conversations. Our music becomes smoother, our lights dim – and the space just feels like home.

Our Manifesto

Pride, love, craft; the core of our existence. Do not ask me where I am from, ask me where I am local. Creative and cultured, a blend of heritage and authenticity. East meets West. My Dubai. Our differences unite us, one community, make it your own. We know good coffee and don’t settle for less. Feel the buzz, the warmth, the timeless glow; recharge your batteries, you’re at home. The hexagon, our badge, 6 sided, made of equal parts, reliable, harmonious.

All who wander through here, The Brass belongs to you.
Stay and sip a while.

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